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updated December 2018

**All prices are subject to change. Reserve your spot quickly with your deposit to get this pricing.

Locations and Prices

*Location Prices are in addition to your photo package and will be paid by me to their Main Office before you arrive.

Old Barn (Mapleton) - FREE. Example here.

Utah State Hospital Apple Orchard (Provo) - $20. Example: here.

Genola Cherry Orchards (payson)- FREE. Example here.

BYU (Provo) - FREE. Example: here.

Riverwoods (Provo)- free outside using just their landscaping. Example: here.
                    - $25 inside by their shops or in Provo Beach Resort.

American Fork Amphitheater - FREE. Example: here.

Wadley Farms (Lindon) - $40 - Example: here.

Provo Historic Courthouse - Free before 5pm, after 5pm $35 Example: here.

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