Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby A {Newborns}

So I'm terrible at posting full session photos… but I'm getting better at posting previews. Here's one from yesterday. This little princess was the first newborn girl I've photographed in a long time!! Like 3 months or so. I've had a streak of 15+ boys. So it was fun to get a little girlie in studio. And she was just as sweet as she is beautiful!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby A- Newborns

I loved taking photos of this darling boy. Daddy played football for BYU so this was only fitting. :)

Baby D

So I definitely have more sessions than posts…. I just get so focused on getting pictures back to clients that I forget to do a small post of them here. But here's a preview I just posted to facebook!

I was visited yesterday by this SMILEY little guy!! He was smiling upon arrival just sleeping away in his carseat!! You should see his cute older sisters! They all have this same gorgeous smile!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pricing Update...

I just made an update in the pricing of a couple different sessions. Now our newborn sessions will include sibling or parent shots. I'm so excited to capture the sibling love and the love between mothers and fathers with their newest angels!! Schedule your session with me soon so I can get you a spot. :) (Use the contact tab above).

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bre {Maternity}

Just a little sneak peek from this gorgeous maternity session.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby Q {Newborn} - Utah Newborn Photographer

Introducing Baby Q (from this morning)! He was a little sweetheart and totally rocked his session. He even let me pose him in my favorite pose on my favorite backdrop (pictured). I melt every time I see this photo. He is too handsome! More pictures to come of this cutie!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Baby J} - Utah Newborn Photographer

Today I've been feeling so blessed to be doing the work that I do. I get to work with the most amazing parents, children and make beautiful masterpieces to beautify homes! I seriously have the best job! Baby J today was also nothing short of angelic. He was so good for his session and very sleepy. I loved working with him and his sweet parents. This photo was one of the first I took of him. His smile in the first few photos told me he was definitely happy to be here! The sweetest little boy!!

And here's also my first image with my new logo! I love the work Hot Bliggity Blog did for me with the new logo and new header! Casey there is amazing!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

K Family {Maternity}

I can't believe I forgot to post these photos from late last year. Must have been a busy holiday. :) Well here they are. Better late than never…. And I seriously loved working with this couple and then later meeting their sweet little girl! They were so much fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2 Months

Isn't this little man so handsome?!? I sure think so. Love this outfit his momma chose. And his sweet little pose. He didn't grab his toes like we were going for, but this still worked. So sweet!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Seth and Bailey {Engaged}

This couple has great chemistry and we had a great time, full of laughs. I am so excited to shoot their beautiful May wedding! It is going to be gorgeous!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Egg Extravaganza!

April 19th 2014 at Bicentennial Park in Provo
9:30AM - 1:30 PM
RSVP for this event here

This year I've decided to team up with the Jared Fields Team with RE/MAX, and Lane Aldrich with First Colony Mortgage to put together the biggest event in the history of my business!! This is my way of thanking all my clients (past, current and future), and my friends and family who have supported my growing business over the years. 

FREE Activities include:
- Three (3) Inflatable Jumping Castles and Obstacle Course
- Three (3) Face Painters
- Rides in the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon
- 5-10 minute massages or nails (pending)
- Cotton Candy and Snow Cones
- Mini-Olympics with Prizes
- Lunch and Drinks
- Playground

Please make sure to visit the Kimberly Aldrich Photography Booth as I will be giving out free gift certificates for $10 off pictures for those who attend (one per family). 

Of course, we are going to be putting on the BEST Easter Egg Hunt in the state, including
- 2000 to 3000 eggs for kids (aged 0-9) full of candy and coins (quarters, half dollars and dollars).
- 6000 to 8000 eggs for those aged 10 and up, including ONE EGG WITH $300, 2 eggs with $100 each, 3 eggs with $50 each and 10 eggs with $20 each!! We will also have eggs with raffle tickets for some amazing prizes!

This Event is a Client Appreciation Event for my clients. But I hope if you have friends, family or others who need professional photography or real estate professionals in the near future, that you will invite and bring them. I do support the Jared Fields Team with RE/MAX and Lane Aldrich (my husband :) with First Colony Mortgage. They do honest work and are always looking out for the best interests of their clients.

And to top it all off…. we are excited to help a little girls dream come true. Please show your support for this Angel and help us raise money to send Evalette Rose to Disneyland. She has been battleing Leukemia for most her life. Bake sale will be provided at the event to help raise money. Please read her amazing story below (taken from

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby T

Little T was so great for pictures. And his skin looked beautiful with my new backdrops! I was so happy with the outcome of his session. His mom is going to have a hard time choosing which ones to print. They are all so cute and there are so many! Here's just a couple of my favorites:

Friday, March 7, 2014

Newborn Session Prep!

I get the question a lot… "what do I bring? when do we schedule pictures? what do you provide? will my baby get to eat during pictures?". I'm hoping this will answer all your questions, but it may not. If you do have any other questions feel free to use the contact tab and send me a message.


Please call me the day you have your baby or the day after so we can schedule your session within the 4-10 day range. I will schedule newborns who are up to 14 days old and newborns older than 14 days who have been in the NICU. But where possible I do recommend the 4-10 day range because they sleep longer and are more easily posed therefore making it so you receive more photos back. 

About your newborn session:
  • ·      Typically they last 2-3 hours
  • ·      There will be time for 1-2 feedings in the session as needed

Preparation before you come:

  • ·      Try to feed your baby right before you come if possible
  • ·      Keep your baby awake the hour before you session if you are able (sometimes its hard, don’t stress this one).
  • ·      Please come comfortable! You have a newborn in your home which means you have been up all night for a number of days now. No need to get ready to come for pictures. I always dress comfortable as well. (unless you have chosen to be in pictures… then you want to come ready for those

What to bring:
  • 5-6 extra diapers
  • feeding supplies (nursing cover, bottles, formula)
  •  burp cloth
  • binky
  • waterbottle for you and snacks (you can totally snack during pictures and you may need to especially if you are nursing)
  • baby brush if baby has enough hair to fix :)
  • any headbands you love for girls, or bow ties for boys
  • any sentimental items you want in photos
  • Bring both wedding rings if you would like photos with them
  • black shirt for dad if you have chosen to do parent photos

What I will have for you at the session:
  • ·      fabric and vinyl backdrops
  • ·      baskets, buckets
  • ·      cheese cloth wraps
  • ·      hats for boys and girls
  • ·      headbands, tutus, and pearl necklaces for girls
  • ·      pant sets and overalls boys 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Miss B {5 days new}

This little princess was such an angel for her session. And me and her cute momma hit it right off. It was a blast and she looked gorgeous in every color we put her in!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Mini Sessions

Valentine Minis were a huge success! Not to mention my first year doing them and every spot was filled and I even had to add more! Here's just a few photos from some of the sessions! Enjoy!